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Header Trailer with 4 directional wheels

Equipped with 2 guiding axles (1 leader + 1 forced follower), Cochetsall new trailer follows the combine harvester without cutting corners. It facilitates the numerous maneuvers and U-turns that drivers have to carry out while harvesting. The trailer follows the combine harvester wherever it goes.


The length of the combine header trailer is identical to the width of the combine header and doesn’t take up too much space. Indeed, having removed the tow bar, the front wheels are now placed under the header allowing us to gain up to 2 meters of overall length. The field entrances being sometimes quite bumpy, COCHET will provide, in addition to a very rigid chassis, a tilting rear axle with a clearance of 200mm.

COCHET header trailers can be adapted for use with all types and all makes of combine harvester


  • For combine headers from 7m60 / 25ft to 12m00 / 41ft long
  • Two directing axles on turret ball bearing with square frame bars of 60mm (both front and rear)
  • 4 identical wheels 10.5 75 15.3 14 ply for the 4WD8, 4WD9, 4WD11 and 4 identical wheels of 235 75 17.5 for the 4WD12
  • Rigid chassis the same length as the combine header
  • Tilting rear axles for the wide combine headers
  • 4 pre-set supports for each type of combine harvester header
  • Certified product with assisted braking that respects the new road safety regulations
  • Strip LED lighting (Prenium quality)
  • Delivered mounted to the dealer